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Our Story

Swing Set Systems is truly special. John Pagano – owner – grew up watching his father make childhood dreams come to life. John is the son of a self-made man who began working in the Great Depression as an assembly worker in a plush toy factory. It was his job to stuff the toys, and his reputation as the fastest stuffer ensured he didn’t stay a line worked forever.

After years of the grunt work and hitting many bumps in the road, John’s father eventually opened his own toy manufacturing business on Taffy Place in Brooklyn, New York. And that is how a young John began his story of building and selling toys to children.

At nine years old, after asking his dad for a way to make money, John began selling his father’s toys to his schoolmates and teachers. When not in school making sales, he spent his summers in the factory helping to make the toys. The memories of those days with his father are ones he treasures dearly and ones John would like to help other families create.

Swing Set Systems is John’s opportunity to return to his roots as a toymaker. Now, as an adult and as a father, he is working to bring the same happy state of mind he experienced as a child, to children everywhere in Orlando, Florida (and perhaps even further!). How? By founding Swing Set Systems and creating electronic-free places that will get children outdoors and away from screens.

He wants children to spend more time outdoors and engaging with the world. He wants them to engage with their imaginations, bond with their parents, siblings, and friends. In other words, making memories they’ll never forget.

Currently, the Swing Set Systems product line consists of their signature swing sets, playgrounds and playhouses custom built in Longwood, FL.

But John never stops dreaming. He has plans to expand the inventory to swing sets and to add innovative non-electronic outdoor and indoor toys.

His mission for Swing Set Systems is to be a means for families to connect with each other and with the community. Most importantly, he envisions a company that gives back to the Central Florida community by helping children with disabilities and special needs, and those who are terminally ill.

It is his greatest dream to help every child in America have the idyllic and happy childhood he once had. Swing Set Systems is his first step in making that dream come true.

We Create Electronic-Free Zones

In this digital age, when entertainment for the twenty-first-century child is on-demand and one-click away, Swing Set Systems is creating electronic-free zones ready for your child’s imagination.

We promise much more than the swing sets and playgrounds we build – we deliver a happy and imaginative state of mind. One that, when visited by children, they never want to leave.

Our products motivate your children to unplug, walk away from the screen, get outside and expand their minds. They become the creator, the homemaker, the adventurer, the master of their entertainment for hours of good ‘ol fashioned outdoor playtime.

We focus on building top-quality, luxury swing sets, playgrounds, and play house units similar in style to miniature single room homes. Everything is handcrafted by John Pagano and his family, built to order right here in Longwood, FL.

Unlimited options for swing sets, monkey bars, slides, tire swing, rockwalls, sandbox, etc. Truly endless imagination for children.

Our custom playhouses come complete with shingle roof options, windows, vinyl siding, and front door. The creative journey begins when you and your little ones choose your paint and trim colors and keeps on going when you bring it home and fill the space with memories.

With every purchase, we promise our products are:

Environmentally friendly
Made in the USA
Built with top-quality materials
Guaranteed fun for all

To see a display model of a Swing Set Systems play sets. Please call us first top schedule an appointment. We’d love to show you our play sets!

Swing Set Systems

I want to create spaces for families to play and bond, and for children to have time for happiness before they grow up and deal with a busy and stressful world.

~ John Pagano

Swing Set Systems

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